Travel Bucket List Inspired by My Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts

Despite feeling inferior compared to the galaxy on starry nights, I really don’t believe the world is a small place. The more I travel, the more I want to keep traveling. Wanderlust has consumed me and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Ever since Instagram developed the post saving feature, this infection has only spread. Now, without further ado, I present to you my travel bucket list inspired by some of my favorite travel Instagram accounts.

Wadi Rum, Petra, Jordan

I’ve been itching to visit Jordan since 2012, when we took a bus from Egypt to Palestine passing the Jordanian border along the way. It also helped that I had a small crush on a Jordanian guy back then so I researched the shit out of the country he’d never been to. @Roamtheplanet then exposed me to Wadi Rum and Petra which made me want to get on a camel and live in the desert. Their feed is full of landscape shots that look like something dreamt up.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Speaking of deserts, the Grand Canyon is somewhere I’ve already started saving for in 2018 thanks to @batoolmoiyadi. Batool’s not necessarily a travel account but she’s a good friend who recently moved to America and has been hopping the country.

Trekking Northern Pakistan

@MurtazaMoiyadi, aka my brother in law, guides tours across Pakistan. I never knew how beautiful my country was until I stalked his Instagram. From mountains to landscapes, to local adventures, he’s someone I look forward to seeing in my feed. Plus, he owes me a tour in exchange for me giving him my sister.

Jaipur, India

I was lucky enough to go to university with Mandy and it’s so cool to see her nomad adventures. Not only is she an amazing artist, but her captions are a pure blend of honey spread on a toast of cultural intellect. Check out her interview here. I’ve already been to India, but after seeing her in Jaipur, I really want to go back.

Whirling Sufi Darwishes, Lebanon

The @Dawn_dot_com reminds me of my grandmother’s milk tea that my grandfather drank while reading his “Dawn” newspaper on Sunday mornings. The account features stories across the Muslim and Arab world. I wanted to check out this highly codified and choreographed Sufi dance in Turkey but due to major flight delays, I didn’t have enough time.

Relaxing in the Pemberton Hotsprings, BC, Canada

I’ve been following Nadine ever since I stumbled upon her YouTube video for packing (I love packing videos, FYI). She’s a BC native and a travel videographer. I went to Vancouver in 2016 for a conference and I really wish I knew about the hot springs then so I could have made the trip. It’s cool though, next time.

Getting lost in the City of Walls, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is the home of Mughal history and there is nothing more I want than to get lost in it. The narrow streets and mouth-watering foods are a must for anyone visiting Pakistan. @_the.lost.soul is not only a great photographer and journalist, but his knowledge of Urdu poetry is incredibly on point.

Nasir Ol Malik Mosque, Iran

I wrote a little bit about this beauty in this post but it really doesn’t do it justice. The light phenomenon of the Nasir ol Molk Mosque only happens in the morning and the tightly woven Persian rug under tells a story of its own.

Petting Alpacas in Bolivia

Camels and alpacas are my two favorite animals and when you mix them with Spanish and pretty scenery, I’m puddy. South America was the place to infuse my travel addiction and this account did not fail to inspire.

Diving in Egypt

Before I left for Egypt, I started following Sarah, a badass travel diver, who’d moved to Dahab, to well, dive. She was a big stepping stone in showing me the aqua beauty of Egypt. Because of her, I can proudly say that I got to tick this off my list this summer.

Camping under the Northern Lights

Here’s another travel community account I spend way too much time scrolling. I still don’t understand how I’ve lived in Canada for 12 years and not seen the Northern Lights…

Somewhere I can order McDonalds delivery

I didn’t know this was a thing until Jasmine posted about it on Instagram. This girl is probably my biggest push for spending the summer in Brazil in 2015. Jasmine, a friend and former co-worker, spent a study term abroad in Singapore, road tripped Iceland, interned in Saskatoon, and is now teaching English in Korea. Did I mention she runs all the Ks and knows how to pole dance? Marry me.

Anywhere in Italia

Janine and I also worked together once upon a time and she is one of the best travel/fashion photographers I know. Her attention to color pallet and details gives her feed so much personality. Next time you go to Italy, please take me with you, Janine!

Finding adventure at home, Toronto, Canada

Though Sidrah posts an abundance of gorgeous travel photos from Europe, North America, and South Asia, what I love about her most is that she has a way of treating her home like travel. Sidrah, with her family, friends, and cat, eat, explore, and laugh in candids. Hashtag goals.

I want to say this is the end but the world is filled with places and stories and this list is only going to grow. A lot of these accounts are people I know in real life and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by their vibrant and adventurous energy. Keep roaming, folks.

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