Ideas For Gifts That Travelers Actually Want

Christmas (and my birthday) are around the corner and I’m reminded of it every living breathing minute as a mall girl. Yes, I’ve taken up retail now. What can I say? I’m just a sucker for corporate holidays that I don’t even celebrate. Personalizing gifts for individuals is something really important to me and watching someone open their present makes me giddy with satisfaction. I realize not everyone is blessed with my master gift-giving talents so here’s a rundown on what to get your travel chums for Secret Santa.

I do not endorse any of the products below.


A Sexy Journal
travel journals

You literally can never go wrong with this. Phones die quickly while traveling and my journal often acts like a second brain. My journal collection has developed into a compulsive fetish. These are only half because my mom packed the rest in a box somewhere when I was traveling this summer. Indigo has a good collection.

Here – The Personal Globe by Palomar

I picked this baby up in Miami in a gorgeous little gift store by South Beach. It was love at first sight when I saw it in the display window. The best part is that the globe is flat and super easy to travel with. When I found it’s home on my desk, it constructed quick and easy.

Ticket Stub Diary

ticket stub diary
If your friend is anything like me, they probably like to hoard memories. I didn’t want to carry an extra book so I got used to sticking tickets and postcards in my journal but sometimes it’s too much to take care of and it turns into a big mess. A Ticket-Stub Journal is perfect for keeping track of all the little bits of paper.

World Map Necklace
world map necklace

I got my world map necklace from eBay but Etsy has a bunch too. Mine was under $2.00, I kid you not, but it took 5 weeks to arrive. I’m sure you can find a better deal.

Any souvenir you got on your travels
fridge magnets

There is nothing that excites me as adding another magnet to our family collection. Find out what your friend collects (key chains, coffee, postcards, etc) and add to it when you happen to travel.


3 Lens Kit + Tripod

iphone tripod

Depending on which phone your friend has, you can easily find these lenses on Amazon. Travelers and pictures go hand in hand and they’ll forever thank you for all their new Insta flames and steady time lapses.

Scooter Suitcase

Need I say more? You can get it here.

Portable Speakers


Speakers really don’t need to be super expensive but I cannot enunciate how amazing they are to have. I’m often alone on trips in hotel rooms and B&Bs so it’s nice to shower to some tunes. Portable speakers don’t take up much room and go a long way for day trips and outdoor jams. BestBuy has this.


Microfibre Fast Dry Travel Towel

travel towel

My mom has something similar she lets me take on trips and these towels are so helpful when you have nowhere to hang them dry or if you’re in a rush. Microfibre towels dry four times faster, pack down, and are okay to machine wash.

travel pillow infinity scarf

travel pillow

I have an emoji printed travel pillow and sometimes I’m so ashamed of carrying it. But this inflatable Infinity Scarf is a game changer. They actually made something for STYLE and COMFORT. Along with travelers, commuters will also really appreciate this.

passport holder

passport holder

This passport holder was a gift and I don’t think Fossil sells it anymore. I found something similar on their website though.

Go Pro

At this point, I’d kiss the hands that got me a Go Pro, even if it is second hand. I know this is on the pricier side but if you’re in a giving mood, you can pool some dough with friends and get a decent version. Who says gifts have to be fresh out the box? Kijiji has a bang for the buck sometimes.

Packable Jacket

I love winter trips but hate packing for them. The Roots Zip Down Packable Jacket compacts into a small bag and because it’s so light, I have room to pack important stuff, like ramen.


Airbnb Gift Card

airbnb gift card

Bet you didn’t know this was a thing. Don’t get too excited because it’s apparently only for Americans right now. I included it on the list because come on, it’s so cool!

Pay Website/Email Domain for a Year

So if you’re new to this travel thing, most travelers document their work on some type of digital platform. These cyberspaces have web addresses (called domains) for rent; like a license plate on your vehicle for example. Go Daddy is where I bought “Zahra Travels” in my URL. I can also have this be in emails (example: which makes the brand a bit more professional. If your traveler has a social presence, this is a nice way to support their goals. 

Follow/like/share their posts

There is nothing that says friendship better than moral support. Tell them that their content is engaging and you look forward to seeing it. This is free but it makes people do what they do. This is me also saying show this post some love so I know you love me. Thanks.

Hope some of these ideas inspired you to spend your last paycheck and curse me for it. Whats on your wish list?

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