About Me

Hey there! I’m the first part of Zahra Travels, Zahra, and I practice #WokeTravel. I’m a Toronto-based storyteller and I created this platform to document and critique mainstream travel culture in order to inspire a new generation of mindful female solo travelers.

Packing life in a carry-on suitcase has become a motive to constantly evaluate the materialism around me. Through this journey, the most important thing I’ve learned is that traveling is a privilege and should not be limited to buying round-trip tickets to five-star resorts in third world countries; nor should it mean backpacking Europe when taking a year off to “find yourself”. Among international destinations, ZahraTravels contemplates on local communities and cuisines.

Studying media production and English in university added up as a perfect combination to create content and amplify it through social media. Fondling with Spanish on Duolinguo, cafe hopping, working out, practicing salsa moves in the shower, and talking to strangers on the subway are ways I keep sane.

My ultimate goal is to travel 30 countries before I turn 30. So far, I’ve got 16 down!

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© All photos and content belong to Zahra Travels unless stated otherwise.


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  1. Yo you’re actually my queen

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    1. You’re too kind ❤


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