About Me

Hey there! I’m the first part of Zahra Travels, Zahra. I’m a Toronto-based storyteller and I created Zahra Travels to give my passion of exploring an outlet and to inspire others to also take on adventures. 

Packing life in a carry-on suitcase has become a motive to constantly evaluate the materialism around me. Through this journey, the most important thing I’ve learned is that traveling is a privilege and should not be limited to buying round trip tickets to five-star resorts in third world countries; nor should it just mean backpacking Europe when taking a year off to “find yourself”. Among international destinations, Zahra Travels offers contemplations on local communities, crowds, and cuisines with a metropass for a passport.

Fondling with Spanish on Duolinguo, cafe hopping, working out, practicing salsa moves in the shower, and talking to strangers on the subway are ways I keep sane.

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Email: zahrakhozema95@gmail.com

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  1. Yo you’re actually my queen

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    1. You’re too kind ❤


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