8 Things That Are Actually Really Big in Texas

In the words of President Trump, they’re HUUUGE.

Last week, I flew to Dallas to attend my cousin’s wedding. I’d been to Houston in 2015 and I hated it because it was really hot and I’m Canadian. Anyways, being 5’2” in a Dallas suburb left me conflicted on whether everything in the Lone Star State was really big or if I was just really… different. So, this second time around, I was sure to take pictures of things that didn’t fit in my phone’s viewfinder. Here’s a bunch of really big stuff I found.




Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are three of the US’s top 10 most populous cities. The state itself is huge, being 695,662 km² with a population of about 27 million people. This makes it roughly 3 times as large as the entire United Kingdom put together.




Having established the vastness of Texas, it makes sense that there are highways to get around, especially the confusing President George Bush Turnpike. This is the Bush state after all. Both Bush Sr. and Jr. call Texas home. It was a maze of concrete and I could sense a tease of hesitation even when the GPS lady directed.




This is my sister beside a truck. Tell me it doesn’t look like the truck is going to pivot and eat her (I hoped it would). This is also something that popped up when we ordered an Uber. Fact: the Ford F150 and the Chevrolet Silverado are the most common vehicles in Texas. Now you know.




Most places in America are patriotic, but Texas folks is a whole other ball game. Not only are there really big American flags in every plaza, but they’re paired with the Lone Star Texan flag. In case everyone forgets which state they were in an intersection over.

Cowboy stuff



This happened. We didn’t go to any rodeos but why bother when you can let cows watch you sleep. Our Airbnb was decked out with these “unique” paintings.

Stores for “one thing”



I’m not sure if this is only because we were staying in a suburb but seriously, this store continues for 3 more windows.

This big “O” thing



It’s bigger than the Toronto “O”s AND it makes cool echoes.

This weird big eye



I don’t even know what to say. There’s just a random eyeball in the middle of downtown, Dallas.

I hope you learned stuff if you made it this far into the post.

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