Skipping Leg Day: Zahra Treks Tobermory

After establishing that the combination of Zahra and nature is like a pair of socks and sandals from our Hamilton trip last week, I found myself in yet another commitment for an intense adventure up North to Tobermory.

We drove 4 hours north of Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula National Park on the shore of Georgian Bay.



The plan was to head to the grotto but tourism filled the parking lots early. We decided to park 5 km away and hike there instead.



The info desk said it wouldn’t take over 45 minutes… It took us 3 hours. We went at a medium pace stopping only for a fruit break and some pictures of the clear water beaches along the way. Little did I know the price of skipping leg day at the gym would be this high.



Though I got tired and cranky from the heat and hunger, what got me through was the fact that my friends promised we were going to celebrate with chicken nuggets on the ride back home.

We saw people jumping in the cold water as soon as we got to the grotto. I stayed on rocks and dipped my feet because no one taught me how to swim back in the day.

After a quick round of pictures of the beautiful bay, we got back on the trail to make it to the parking lot before sunset.

As exhausted as we were, we sped through the hike’s mosquitoes, rocks, climbs, and jumps in an hour and a half – solely keeping the future nuggets in mind.


I’d definitely say it was a trip to remember because I made a promise to myself to explore more of Canada. But let’s just say my body is not ready for the savage mosquitoes anytime soon. Then again, that’s what I said the last time.

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