Doin’ It For The ‘Gram: Exploring Hamilton’s Waterfalls

With hectic flights and changing time zones, I forgot that Zahra Travels started off as an incentive for cheap and local adventure. While Hamilton isn’t across the street, it’s a lot less commercial compared to Niagra Falls and closer than the Iguazu at the Brazilian border.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m as “city” a girl gets: fast-tracking escalators, checking maximum notifications in the Tim’s line, wearing loud lipstick with shiny leather – you get the point. I might as well post a sign on my back saying “Allergic to Nature”.

Nonetheless, I contradicted my gut instinct and fell into this peer-pressured hike. Truth be told I was only there to work on my instagramification.



With the lack of toilets, an abundance of mosquitoes, and the random pockets of poison ivy plants aside, Hamilton was quite a city judging from the Dundas Peak near the Tew’s Falls.



Albion falls were my favorite. We hiked up the rocks while I cringed at the moss between my toes.

However, the cool water was reward enough for sacrificing my bum into sliding down the steep trails.



It was also the only falls we actually played around in. Our second stop at the Devil’s Punchbowl was empty. Apparently, the water only flows during the spring months.



Our last stop was at Websters Falls, to which I must say was rather disappointing. We weren’t allowed to go into the water and the location wasn’t the best for its views either.

All in all, it was still a really cool trip, this nature thing isn’t as bad as I imagined.

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