Forget Love, Fall in Coffee

There are two types of people in this world, those who spend Friday nights bar hopping to later edit vague memories, and the won’t-admit-it-hipsters who spend Fridays cafe hopping to later edit an Instagram-worthy shot. Obviously, I’m the latter, I mean have you seen my insta?

It’s actually a serious problem, I’m addicted to shots….of vanilla in my expresso. I get a giddy fuzzy feeling in my toes when I scroll through BlogTO and find a new cafe to try for the morning. What can I say, cute tatted baristas with man-buns add a nice flair to my routine latte art?

There is just something about discovering a local cafe with international coffee flavors paired with scrumptious baked goods for a side snacking; it’s like secretly uncovering a neighborhood mystery. Yes, I feel like a superhero to cut to the chase. The cloud of the usual cigarette smoke on the sidewalk outside is the ultimate welcoming to the bubble of the freshly brewed on the inside.

I refuse to spend $50 on a textbook, but I’ll easily drink it away in a single week only on a couple of warm drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tims, but I’m a sucker for giant mugs that don’t fit in my palms. When you get past the anxiety of deciding between London Fogs or Cafe Mochas or dark Americanos (for the not so good days), it feels nice to invest in some me-time with a notebook or squeeze in some thumb exercise on your phone before starting the day.

Like explorers leave their flags behind to claim their discoveries, I like to leave my loud lipstick prints behind on shiny crockery. Sorry not sorry to the cute baristas who have to scrub it clean.

Ergo, I compiled a list (in no particular order) of cute cafes to take yourself on dates to in case Starbucks ain’t tooting your horn anymore because girl you er-er-er-earned it. Let me know if you try any!


1. Role Play Cafe
2. Istanbul Cafe & Expresso Bar
3. Dineen Coffee Co.
4. Boxcar Social
5. Clockwork Coffee
6. BB Cafe & Pastry Boutique
7. Red Rose Patisseries
8. Remarkable Bean

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