Flying west during sunset

Ever flown west during a sunset?

Apparently, if the aeroplane maintains a certain speed, you defy the social rules of time and get to watch the sunset for hours straight – the same sun – over towers, snow-packed clouds and glimmering bodies of water. This, of course, is not based on any science, but I’m reluctant to look it up because I really like my theory – so, thank you for allowing me to use my part ‘ignorance-is-bliss-part-too-lazy-to-Google’ card here.

I was lucky enough to get a window seat on a December evening flight from Toronto to Vancouver. And yes, I will do anything in my power to get the window seat (except pay because ew) no matter how much freedom the aisle offers. We took off at the brink of sunset, and the whole thing felt like a five-hour fireplace channel with a never-ending sunset instead.

Anyways, it lost its charm after the first 30 mins. It frustrated me that the colours didn’t change, and the warmth of the glistening orange outside did not match the uncomfortable plane breeze inside. This is where I wished I sat on the aisle instead so I could grab my jacket from the overhead compartment.

Many of us have chaotic schedules and put “watch more sunsets” on New Year’s lists in all our cliche glory, but no one actually knows when to cross it off because how many is enough when it comes to sunsets?

Now, after having a window seat to enough sunsets for a year, I think I can finally cross that baby off. It feels a bit anticlimactic but whatever.

A few photos and a couple of oohs and ahhs later, my eyes hurt from the shooting rays, and all I wanted was a blanket and darkness deep enough to knock me out.

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