Trips to Take This Summer to Celebrate Canada 150

If I was to be stuck in a country for my entire life, I’d pick Canada. You can spend 4 hours on the plane, shift entire time zones, and still be in the same country, that’s how big this land is and I realize how thankful I am to be here every time I leave its borders. Over the course of two years, I’ve really put the peddle to the medal to explore more of my local and these are some of my favorite trips where all my travelgasms screamed “Oh Canada”. If you’re bummed about not getting the Canada 150 pass, you can try these gems close to home on weekends to celebrate Canada 150 your own way!

Hamilton, ON

As the waterfall capital of the country, its a sin to not see it when we live so close. We left in the afternoon and were there in less than two hours. We made a list of 4 falls we wanted to see and planned accordingly.

Muskoka, ON

Muskoka is definitely a get away from the city, which is so crazy because it’s only 2 hours away! My friends and I booked this adorable and hella comfy cabin in Severn and packed a LOT of BBQ. Muskoka is great if you need to clear your head from the busy work week for a weekend. Most accommodations offer canoes and kayaks so you’ll never be bored!

Ottawa, ON

For Canada 150, our capital hosted the Canadian Tulip Festival in May and I just so happened to be there to catch it. Other than that, Ottawa is a great place to reignite your gratitude for this beautiful land and explore great Canadian history and architecture. Ride shares are only 30 bucks from the city and if you don’t already have a relative or friend to crash with for free, Airbnb’s aren’t too pricey either.

Montreal, QC

It took me 12 years, but I finally did it. I went to Montreal. If you’re like me and not into the whole nature shpeal but into poutine instead, this is where it’s at. And what is travel without food and language barriers? The urban vibes and poppin’ nightlife scenes are perfect for a younger population.

Quebec City, QC

As a total Europe noob, Quebec City felt like the streets of Paris I read about in books and poetry. If you ever feel like you want to walk in Instagram, this quick day trip from Montreal is your best bet for cobblestone streets and delicious French eats.

Algonquin Park/ Bancroft, ON

Where are my nature lovers at? This one is for you. Though I’d recommend fall as peak season to explore the colors of this gorgeous national park, summer is also super worth it for hikes and picturesque sunsets. And check out this adorable outdoorsy cabin Airbnb to stay in if you’re not down to do 2 three hour drives on the same day.

St. Catharines/Niagara, ON

I don’t think St. Catharines deserves nights stay but it SO worth it for the place we stayed. If you want to change up your 17th trip to Niagara Falls and make it last longer, try visiting one of St. Catherine’s many vineyards or explore the city’s nightlife and leave in the morning.

Georgina, ON

I know this is a summer list but who are we kidding, it’s still winter. Maybe you can save Georgina for November, whatever. Nonetheless, it’s definitely great if you’re looking to try something like snow tubing or ice fishing. The Briars Resort is a beautiful place to get snuggly and cozy. Yes, it’s only an hour away!

Vancouver, BC

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So let’s say your tax return was a bit more generous than you initially thought so why not invest some extra cash into a ticket out west? Vancouver is the perfect balance between nature and city. Though a little expensive, there is so much to do and if you have your Canadian National Parks FREE Discovery Pass, take it with you!

Victoria, BC

Now if you’re looking to get away from your city getaway in Vancouver, hop on a ferry and go to the island aka BC’s capital! Fun fact: Twilight was filmed here. Check out the parliament and eat some fish tacos and go on some hikes to make the most of your trip.

Tobermory, ON

I have a love-hate relationship with Tobermory so that is why it is last on this list. We hiked almost 3-4 hours to get to the grotto and as a nonnature person, it was quite alarming. But now that I know what to expect, for that view, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Hope you get to hit up some of these and make your own list this summer. Let me know how are you celebrating Canada 150 in the comments!

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