I Asked Toronto Out Again & She Sent Nudes

As I was scrolling through my pictures, I noticed I had a lot of travel companions, but someone I cared most about was missing: Toronto. Zahra Travels started with the anticipation of empowering others to “date their cities” because travel’s essence lies in experiencing something new, whether it’s across the world or the street. In the hype of being international, I neglected my local.

Nonetheless, there is nothing I enjoy more than feeling new in a used to space. Last year, I was a lot better at scavenging cute cafes and finding local happy places. However, like any relationship, between work and school, I let an old and important flame faint.

I talked about change and closure last week but I kept feeling like something was missing, there was a constant yearning for my favorite partner in crime, my own city.

After handing in my last undergraduate essay, I found the courage to ask Toronto out again. Toronto, being ever so forgiving, accepted the proposal. Both of us have been working on our summer bodies and it only makes sense that we come together to celebrate the season.

Here are some nudes Toronto sent my way:

I took her for a coffee date at Versus and slipped a heart in her latte, bitches love hearts in their lattes.



Followed that by a photo shoot with the cherry blossoms at UofT’s Robarts Library on our way to Centre Island:



Then, to seal the deal, we celebrated the sunset with a walk down Harbourfront…



Next thing you know, Toronto spent the night and me being the gentleman I am, I took her for breakfast at Bombay Street Food.



So yeah, we’re back together again, until I cheat on her with Cuba tomorrow. Also, I’m going to Cuba tomorrow.

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