The Prettiest Airbnb I’ve Ever Stayed In

For a someone used to hip hostels and hearty homestays, this Airbnb made me the happiest camper. Our one night stop in Saint Catharines was supposed to be a small part of the travel schedule, yet it became the highlight. This little second floor art sanctuary was a quick walk away from the bus stop and conveniently located in downtown Saint Catherines.


The owners, Krys and Mark, are both professional artists and it really does show in their home. The property’s gardens, architecture, interior, and culinary atmosphere create an inspiring cosmo of their lives dedicated to art.

We stayed in Krys’s art studio attached to the house by a bridge which catered the B&B’s ultimate privacy.


The studio’s white walls were decorated with elegant paintings that kept our eyes company while we crossed the liminal of consciousness sleeping on the crisp and cozy bed.

This is the only trip where I spent more time indoors than out exploring. Our eyes were so aesthetically pleased, we did an hour photo shoot as soon as we checked in.


Goodbyes are hard, but it made it easier with the fluffy mushroom and cheese omelette Krys prepared for us at 8 am to give us energy to get through the bus ride back home!

She even gave us complimentary chocolates and tour tickets! Best of all, they gave us a story to tell.

If you ever find yourself in Saint Catherine’s, check them out!

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