December Diaries Part 2: Rideshare Horror to Ottawa

The rideshare to Ottawa ripped me off by not having Wi-Fi in the van that they advertised on Kijiji. The dude driving was on his phone the entire time through the storm and didn’t even let me sleep! Me, on transit, not sleeping?? Impossible!! So I did what I had to, I fake cried. He gave me $5 off and I complained to his boss. The older gentleman sitting beside me insisted on giving me $10 to make up for the mishap, too. His argument was “just take it, I have lots, go get yourself a nice dinner with your sister”. I bought cute mitts from Indigo with it.

My little sister, Batool, lives close to the University of Ottawa campus so the first stop was her place. Imagine Batool as a skinner more annoying version of me. She also has two really fat kittens, Lou-ee-ja and Lucy-Villow, that like to smell shoes. Since her place has no food, smells like piss, and lacks heating, I stayed with Sara, my high school BFF who ditched me in Toronto to study in Ottawa.

Sara also has a cat, Simba. I guess Ottawa is a cold and lonely place so pets are needed. I think Sara likes Simba better than me because I call him “Kuthi” (a female dog in Urdu). Whatever.

But seriously, why the heck is Ottawa so bloody cold? I’ve never worn so many clothes in my entire life. Anyways, Sara fed me a home cooked Pakistani meal and we were on our way to NYC the next morning.

December Diaries Part 1 in Toronto
Next stop: New York City

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