No “Could’ve Eaten That” Regret Here

Food is pretty much reason #1 I travel. These are some of the spots we hit up to try some traditional French cuisine. Key word: tried.


Montreal Poutine // 181 Rue Saint-Paul E // Montreal

What I ate: The Classic Cheese and Gravy Poutine on a rainy patio

What I thought: If Trump and Putin can be friends so can Zahra and Poutine. Bye summer body I never had.

Rating: 3/5 because the waitress gave us the wrong directions and she later spazzed at me for not tipping enough. Cute patio, though.

*There is no picture because it looked ugly*

Some sketchy restaurant window // Boul St-Laurent // Montreal

What I ate: Peanut butter Noodles at 3am

What I thought: Thank the lord for letting peanut butter have a one night stand with greasy noodles and create a beautiful mixed accident.

Rating: 6/5 because eating on the sidewalk between drunky strangers really added to the ambiance.


3 Amigos // 1657 Rue Sainte-Catherine // Montreal

What I ate: Virgin drinks and nachos with Daddy Yankee on replay

What I thought: tengo hambre tengo hambre tengo hambre tengo hambre MASIBO!

Rating: 4/5 good portion size and an awesome soundtrack. We went back for round two, it was that good.


An Artisan Crepe Street Cart // Quebec City

What I ate: $7.00 Nutella Creps

What I thought: Where is the Nutella??? *Three bites later* Thank god my friend paid instead.

Rating: 2/5. The points are only for our efforts to pull off enough French to order without looking like uncultured tourists.


A random ice cream parlor // Le Château Frontenac // Quebec City

What I ate: That basic chocolate cream glace

What I thought: Do it for the gram in this North Pole wind.

Rating: 3/5 It tasted like I was dying, but pleasantly on a bed of cold, cold chocolate.


Les Cafe Du Soleil // 143 Rue Saint-Paul // Quebec City

What I ate: A latte with a pumpkin muffin and a biscotti

What I thought: Is it cool if I use a spoon to eat the fluffy whip at the end? (I did).

Rating: 4.5/5. The barista ran out of the cheap leftovers from the day before but she was pretty so I forgive her.

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