Getting High with Strangers

In attempts to be all artsy, some people say things like “the world is so big and we are too insignificant in comparison” when looking out at skylines and sea shores. We’ll get back to this reference later.

Having never been on top of the CN Tower hiding under the claim that it was way too touristy when I am actually just stingy, I managed to fundraise $145.00 for WWF to climb 144 floors early morning on April 16, 2016. I was among the 7,000 climbers ranging from the bratty little kid I smoked on the 27th floor to the 70-year-old granny that smoked me on the 109th. Since we weren’t allowed to bring any electronics with us, I satisfied myself by eavesdropping on conversations between climbers and stayed motivated by the cheers of paramedics situated every 10th floor.

I didn’t have a particular time in mind to finish but I wanted to not be average. Google said the median was 30-45mins and mine was 25:24, so mission accomplished I guess.



We had to climb another 10 stories to get to the view (the round dome thing) after getting our time sheet stamped on the 144th floor. I started feeling alone in the company of hundreds above this beautiful city that I’ve come to love. Normally when I get this high, I rush to my Snapchat. Without my phone, I felt almost naked watching others who had loved ones waiting for them at the top with cameras. I walked around letting my sweat dry as salt on my skin trying to understand my insignificance to the what looked like a Lego city (see above reference). Why should we feel small when we see the vastness of our world? Most times, I’ve always been overcome with gratitude to be a part of it. We are all change makers for someone out there and that should be enough to take the burden of feeling so trivial away. I wish I’d said that to the woman telling her teenage daughter how insignificant she felt.

To my shock, I actually couldn’t wait to get back down and reunite with my city after a quick round of the dome. It took 40 seconds to get down in the elevator and my effort to climb seemed almost useless.



The real adventure began when I’d gotten my climb shirt and overdosed on the free granola bars. We walked around lakeshore in the beautiful weather and watched planes take off from the islands. When hunger knocked, Cora’s line was too long. We decided we needed instant gratification for brunch and waiting in line was not the answer. We stumbled upon Milagros, a Mexican restaurant with its aesthetics game on point, a gorgeous washroom, and fast service. The food was great and the price was reasonable. Their chocolate caliente and complimentary guac are worth going back for.



As soon as we got home, we took a 4-hour nap for the sake of our food baby and went to the Ballroom with some friends to wrap up what was left of the night.



I didn’t think in the midst of exams I’d have the best day I’ve had in a while. Unplanned days are usually the best ones.

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