Winter Reading Break 2016

Sometimes I think the TTC should just hire me as a spokesperson because I’m such an unapologetic advocate for the monthly metro pass. I do talk smack about the delays and crowding but I mean you only hurt the people you care about the most, right? Also, TTC, if you’re reading this, please don’t phase the passes out.

In February, many students decide to skip out on buying a pass because the month is short and we have a week of reading break to never get off the couch. But that’s just it, this is the only time you can take an overwhelming advantage of the full $112.00.

So obviously, that’s exactly what my inner budgeting Pakistani did. Another reason is because all the metro passes this year combine to make a cool image and I have a soft spot for puzzles – or anything related to the geography of this city – so I’m collecting them all to invent my own version of TTC Pokemon. I made a list for the week and checked it twice and ended up at some pretty cool parts of town.

I want to thank my 7abibi Mousa for letting me drag him around sick on a bad knee and trusting me to not burn down his kitchen, so yeah, thanks.

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Tick tock tick tock. #exploringtoronto #touristyasEF

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We hit up the Toronto Reference Library, Casa Loma, Harbour Front, Fairmount Royal York Hotel, but sadly, we didn’t get much school work done. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Priorities, obviously.

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