A Circle Around the Toronto Islands

Certain travelers give the impression that they keep moving because only then do they feel fully alive.

— Ella Maillart

On Sunday, I will be running the Nike Women’s 15km in the Toronto Islands. For those of you who tolerate my gym selfies on Snapchat daily know that I have worked my ass off, literally, to even attempt this. In the ten years in this city, I have never bothered taking the ferry to the Islands and I’m so glad that Zahra Travels’ opening blog starts in Toronto.

I found running eleven months ago out of frustration – writing three years ago. As a high school graduate at 17, I had no clue what to do with my life. Had no clue in the four years in high school when I was supposed to get a clue. Had no clue in the years I was fortunate enough to attend university.

I have friends telling me the most important thing is to endure. I think this is correct. You want to continue and be brave enough to change your mind or fall into whatever. I think I talk too much, to my blog particularly, and I know nothing of success. But I do know what it feels like to tighten your shoelaces at 5 am, for 5 has become a friend, and plunge step after step on concrete. I feel like I’m writing poetry then.

I wouldn’t have any of those feelings if I stuck to what I said about myself when I was 17. I know running loves me. She is jealous towards me, hates words. She gives me the high of traveling on my two feet. I wouldn’t know what her love was like if I followed the recommendations of other people. An accountant. Which is fine. Which is also not fine.

17 year old, I hope you endure and fall into something that seduces you that is not a person or a prescription from a person. If you’re almost old enough to die for a flag, you’re old enough to die to your own expectations, or someone else’s.

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