The Prettiest Airbnb I’ve Ever Stayed In

For a girl who’s often gotten lucky with stays in heavenly hotels, hip hostels, and hearty homestays, this Airbnb was by far the winner. Our one night stop in Saint Catharines, Ontario was a really small part of the travel schedule. It was a quick walk away from the bus stop and downtown Saint Catherine.



The owners, Krys and Mark, are both professional artists and it really did show in their home. From the gardens to architecture to interior to culinary, it all created a cosmo of their lives as people dedicated to art.

We stayed in Krys’s studio attached to the house with a bridge to cater the ultimate privacy.



The white walls were decorated with beautiful art pieces to keep your eyes company while crossing the liminal of consciousness to sleep on the soft and cozy bed.

This is one of my first trips that I spent more time indoors than out exploring. We had such a good time, we did an entire photo shoot as soon as we got in.



Goodbyes are hard, but it made it so much easier with the fluffy mushroom and cheese omelet that Krys prepared for us at 8 am!

She even gave us complimentary chocolates and tour tickets! Best of all, they gave us a story to tell.

If you ever find yourself in Saint Catherine’s, check them out!


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